WP5 Dissemination, communication and exploitation

PANVIPREP work package 5, led by Dr. Ed Schmidt (LUMC), will develop and implement effective dissemination and communication strategies and pave the way for exploitation activities. The primary objective of WP5 is to connect to the scientific community, authorities, industry, policymakers and all other relevant stakeholders. We will reach out to promote and communicate the project’s mission and results to citizens, the media, and society, thus informing them on the added value of antiviral drugs for pandemic preparedness. We will create awareness of the project’s achievements and show the success of this European collaboration. Publication in high-profile journals and workshop participation are key activities in the dissemination strategy. We will also rely on PANVIPREP’s website, conventional and social media, and various public events and outreach activities with industry and policymakers.

In parallel, we will aim to ensure the appropriate IP protection and exploitation of the project’s achievements. Particular attention will be paid to the later commercial exploitation (licensing) of drug candidates and consortium members’ right to utilize the foreground IP and know-how generated during the project. PANVIPREP’s Exploitation and IP Committee will assess and advise on exploitation activities.