Track record

Decades of antiviral drug development for emerging and neglected RNA viruses

PANVIPREP will accelerate the development of broad-spectrum direct-acting antiviral lead compounds (including those with novel mechanisms of action) by implementing several innovative approaches from virology, structural biology, medicinal chemistry and pharmacokinetics. This multidisciplinary approach is promoted by the track records of PANVIPREP’s individual partners and the consortium’s extensive connections to (previous) related EU-funded projects. Among these, we highlight the following three: SILVER, SCORE and CARE.


           PANVIPREP draws from the results of SILVER, a highly successful multidisciplinary EU FP7 research project aiming to obtain small-molecule antiviral leads against a range of (potential) emerging RNA virus threats, including zoonotic coronaviruses.
  The EU Horizon-2020 SCORE project ( was one of the earliest responses in antiviral therapy development to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020. While this project was completed with limited resources and within 30 months, it resulted in a range of valuable deliverables from which the PANVIPREP activities will also benefit extensively. 


  Our knowledge and deliverables were also instrumental for the CARE project (, an ongoing Innovative Medicine Initiative (IMI) project with the participation of all SCORE consortium members and about two dozen other academic institutions and industrial partners. Until mid-2025, CARE will continue and expand the development of broad-spectrum anti-coronavirus drug candidates.