WP1 Project management and coordination

The overall objective of the coordination and management WP is to ensure that the project objectives and deliverables are achieved in full while observing all time, cost and resource constraints. The project should satisfy contractual obligations and meet the expectations of project partners and the European Commission. Work Package 1 includes duties regarding monitoring of progress, reporting, financial and contractual administration, ensuring proper communication with the EC and other stakeholders, and implementing the project’s governance and decision-making structures.

The ultimate decision-making body is the General Assembly (GA), which is composed of one representative from each partner organization. Both the GA and the Executive Board (EB) are chaired by the Project Coordinator, Prof. Eric Snijder (LUMC). The EB includes all WP leaders and EB will act as a Steering Committee to monitor the project’s progress and report to the GA.

PANVIPREP’s activities are further supported by three advisory boards: the Supervisory and Advisory Board (SAB; experienced external experts/advisors), the Ethics Advisory Board (EAB), and the Exploitation and IP Committee (EIPC), each playing a distinct role in the governance structure.


Project Manager Ed Schmidt (L) and PANVIPREP Coordinator Eric Snijder (R)